Saturday, May 8, 2010

I swear my Mothers favorite phrase growing up was “Because I said so.”

In lieu of Mother's day I came across a memory that reminds me why Mothers are so special...

As a child (and teenager +) I would often find myself in a reoccurring predicament. I would ever so kindly ask my Mother if it was alright if I could do something, for example… hang out at Abe’s for an extra hour, and more often than not I would get the response NO! Then of course I would kindly ask “but why” and then came the phrase that will ever haunt me in my dreams… “Because I said so!”

This phrase was something I could never quite grasp. It doesn’t make any sense. She never had any reason to back herself up. My mother would often pair this response with another frequent statement, “You will understand when you’re a mother.” Although I hated it with all my heart, she was right. I unfortunately found this out at the end of my 6th grade year, but was too proud to ever let her know.

At the age of 12 I realized my mother had a power beyond anything my young mind was able to comprehend. A power greater than any, even in the wizarding world… the Motherly Instinct.

I was a fairly dorky 6th grader but I had been invited to one of the popular girls birthday parties. I was soooo excited! On the last day of school we were going to be picked up in a limo to take a drive around town, then have a sleepover and party all night in a tent in the birthday girl’s backyard.

My Mother was not so thrilled when I asked if I could go to the party. Yet, after a little disputing and probably quite a few tears she agreed to let me go, but there was a catch. I could go to the party but my mom was going to pick me up later that evening so I wouldn’t be able to stay the night.

You would think that this was a good compromise but my heart was still broken. I replied with the natural response “But Why!” Then came the ever so familiar phrase “Because I said so!” My Mom repeated this phrase over and over again and after much more deliberation I finally got her to admit that she didn’t have a good feeling about letting me stay the night.

It seems like I argued with her for days, all the way up to the day of the party. But, being the stubborn Mother that she is (I didn’t inherit this quality at all) she wouldn’t back down. Although disappointed, I went to the party and had a great time, until the evening came around.

For some reason the birthday girl’s parents were nowhere in sight for almost the whole party. A couple of the girls decided to sneak into the mother’s boyfriend’s truck and found a pack of cigarettes. Then they came into the tent where everyone was going to sleep and asked who wanted to smoke them. Now, being the angelic child that I was I decided not to join. Plus, my mom was on her way to come pick me up.

Suddenly, I found myself alone in the tent. Alone to ponder what had happened. My first thought was this… “Oh my goodness, my Mother was right.” I couldn’t believe it.

Now, you would think that after this experience I would listen to my Mother's every word. Or even tell her that she was right and I was sorry. But I can’t say I ever did any of those things (ok so maybe I did inherit the stubborn quality). In fact she never knew she was right and she is hearing this story for the first time.

The older I get the more I hear people say “You are just like your Mother!” I use to think people were crazy and didn’t know what they were talking about. But, I have to admit if I stop and think about it that statement becomes more and more true every day, and frankly… I don’t mind.  As this story illustrated, my mother is a special person with many great qualities that I wouldn’t mind inheriting.


Some of the things she can’t seem to get enough of…
Mexican food
Coolers (an obsession I recently discovered while on a trip to Sam’s club)
Trend West
The Cocoa Bean
Suzie Orman (or other financial gurus)
Country Music
Everybody Loves Raymond
Classic Movies (like “Singing in the Rain”)

A woman of many talents that include…
Making sure no one’s feelings are ever hurt
Table decorating
Home decorating
Planning family vacations
Not backing down on her beliefs (religious or personal)
Making my life worry free when she comes to visit
Coming up with creative ideas
Going above and beyond with any church calling she receives (good or bad)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nolan's Blessing

It took us way to long to post these, but here are the photos from Nolan's blessing on April 11th, 2010. We were so excited that so many people could come, thank you all so much!!!

4 Generations of Hudsons

Nolan, Andrea, the grandmas and the great grandmas.

Worn out after a long day.