Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Winter Day at the Beach

We were a little over ambitious this year and attempted to make 1 to many Christmas gifts. One of our first ideas was to make magnets out of wood pieces that we collected from a nearby beach. The pieces we chose seemed like they would be nice once they dried, but instead ended up looking pretty we had to change our plans.

Regardless, we had a blast running around the beach in the freezing cold! Nolan was so excited chasing the seagulls around I thought he might end up passing out!!!

Christmas Card Attempts

I was pretty adamant about buying the kids Christmas outfits this year...thinking we would for sure get some great family photos for Holiday cards. Unfortunately, after about 3 separate photo shoots, I realized I was never going to get that "perfect shot." Charlotte was teething (and kept making goofy faces) and Nolan...was just being Nolan.

Oh well, at least they show everyone's true character!

The photo shoot below started out with me bribing Nolan with candy and promising him he could continue playing in the sandbox when we were all done...