Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mr. Nolan

Sorry about the lack of posts! We have been fairly busy and yet haven't been doing much worth posting a the same time. Here is an update...Abe has been called to be ward mission leader and me relief society teacher, yikes! Of course we have been doing lots of blogging for my new blog (Abe helps me out with all my projects, and Nolan  helpfully hinders them :).

Nolan has suddenly turned into a man!  He looks like a little boy but in my book will still be a baby until he learns how to walk. By the way...anyone have any tips to get him motivated? I swear he doesn't even want to walk, and the more I try to get him to the less he likes it! 

The weather has been getting very nice and we have been venturing to the park and playing in the back yard, and by playing I mean Nolan crawls around and eats dirt and rocks. Here are some pics that I have been accumulating over the past couple of weeks, I really love how the black and white ones turned out. Nolan is turning into such a handsome young man!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have started a new blog called "Strawberry-Chic"  Its a blog dedicated to art, design, cooking, and more!
Come check it out, and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a BIG thanks to Disney

Nolan had the flew all last week (yes this is the 3rd flu he has had since the move).  Just when he started getting a little better, he starting teething again, or at least I think thats what going on...when your baby screams bloody murder, has tears streaming down his face, and sticks his hands in his mouth it means he's teething right?

Well any-hoo the ONLY thing that brings INSTANT calmness is the combination of a watered-down apple juice bottle and "The Princess & The Frog."  Nolan is IN LOVE with that movie.  No joke we have been watching it 2-4 times a day everyday for the last 9 days. His favorite part is the music.  If he is laying down drinking his bottle he will pop up when a song comes on, do a little shake, and clap his hands, its really rather adorable.  I have tried to get him to like other movies (more manly ones maybe) be he wont have it.  He just cries until I put the "Frog" movie on.

So now, I don't fight it and Abe and I have just about every word memorized.  So, thanks Disney!  My life would be a mess without you.