Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do The Puallup!

A couple of weeks ago we took our first trip back to the Puallup fair in 9 YEARS! Our last trip was just before Abe left on his mission! I don't know about any one else, but I am 'all in favor' of the fair adding some new food options! Regardless, we had a blast and Nolan was completely content just watching the rides and flashing lights (although we did end up letting him ride a few before we left). 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer 2012

This summer has been just a little on the crazy side with a lot of big changes! We left our quaint little rental in Farmington, NM and move back to the Great Northwest into a VERY quaint and little bedroom in my parents basement. I'm pretty sure we will never complain about being in a small house again...seeing as we are currently surviving with 4 people in 1 bedroom! It's not awful, just a little tricky putting the little ones to bed at different times (thank goodness our Charlotte is such a great sleeper!).

We have had a great memorable time living in our tight quarters but are excited to move into the home we purchased in just a couple short weeks!... (photos to come soon).

One of the great pluses to living at my parents is Nolan gets to attend my Mom's preschool 3 days a week! He literally wakes up, get dressed, and comes straight into a room full of toys and friends (he is going to be so bored when we leave!)

Charlotte, now 6 months old, is getting so big! She sits up all by herself and has started eating baby-food. Although I still feel like I have her attached to my hip, she is really a very happy baby and now sleeps 12 hrs through the night!!!

Abe has been liking his new job (just not the commute). He is pretty much doing the same as he was with his other company only now he is working on a "mixed-use" building in Mercer Island.

Our summer has been quite eventful (hence the lack of blogging), here's a re-cap of our favorite parts...

A late 4th of July celebration at home in Farmington, about 2 weeks before the big move...

The Move - After a long day of packing, we found that Nolan had slid an empty box in front of the TV and hopped inside so he could watch "Alvin & the Chipmunks." Abe packed almost the entire moving truck by himself. We were both up every night until the wee hours of the morning cleaning and packing for just about 2 straight weeks. 

A quick stop in Utah on the way to WA, we had so much fun hanging with the Garza's and Grandma & Grandpa Flatebo...

My Morning Jacket, SLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A trip to McCall, Idaho without the husbands (no Abe or Jake) ...defiantly not as easy with 2 kids, but we still had a blast!

A visit from Ben and Chelsea, we miss you already!...