Thursday, September 29, 2011


While Abe took his little canoe trip back in Aug, I decided to take a trip home to WA (or maybe it was the other way around). My sister Mel was in town and poor lonely Nolan was in great need of his play-mate Paige. I was only about 9-10 weeks pregnant at the time, so everything was a little more difficult then when I normally travel alone.

I prayed like crazy that I would at least not throw up while on the flight...I had no idea what I would do...take Nolan into the teeny tiny airplane restroom with me (that is if I could even make it that far) or just use the courtesy barf bag they leave in the seat pocket!?! who knows! Luckily I was fine during all 4 of the flights (including one where Nolan screamed for 45 min. straight while kicking the lady's chair in front of us!...not sure if that was really any better).

 Anyways, the trip was a blast! My favorite part was when we went to Ocean Shores for a couple of days. I didn't feel super great, but I felt much better then I had been at home in NM (probably because my Mom was there to make me meals, clean up, and help with Nolan...Thanks Mom!)

(by the way, when you tell Paige to say "cheese" for the camera she squints one eye and gives a crooked smile...her face isn't just stuck like that :)