Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a lovely Valentine's day this year at our new house! The morning started off with heart shaped pancakes for Nolan and Charlotte + a little Valentine from g-ma and g-pa to keep them entertained!

Nolan had a friend over that morning (which he loved of course!) & later we made PINK ice cream (just frozen banana and strawberries) for lunch...Nolan L.O.V.E.S to help in the kitchen lately! Every time I'm making something, even if it's just his morning oatmeal, he races his chair across the kitchen floor so he can stand right next to me and be the 'helper' it's so much fun...and SO messy!

That afternoon we brought out the double jogger (it's been in hibernation lately because I have been without running shoes for a whole month!) and took a quick trip to the park...and I truly mean QUICK because Nolan wet his pants about 2min. after we got there!

Abe surprised us by coming home a little early from work and not long after, the Valentine Boy brought a few gifts and Balloons to the doorstep! Nolan got a View Finder and Charlotte got a new shirt. Then Abe made an exquisite Alfredo + grilled chicken dinner complete with steamed veggies on the was seriously yummy!

We ended the day with a healthier take on our usual cream cheese strawberry dessert (I made whole wheat mini tarts with whipped cream cheese filling and homemade honey raspberry jam!) I was a little skeptical about the "healthier" dessert option but everyone loved it!...score :)

(Charlotte got a sugar cookie instead of the tart...because I realized she couldn't have honey, whoops :)