Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mt. Borah - Tallest Peak in IDAHO - 12,662 FT

My boss (Mike), Preston (a friend from work), Jackson (our Architect) and myself decided that we were going to hike Mt. Borah, the tallest peak in Idaho. This is the first sight that we saw as we pulled onto the dirt road that led us to the base campsite the day before the hike.
We took it easy the night before the hike and were blessed with perfect weather.
After a cold night of anxiously tossing and turning we awoke at 5:00 am sharp and began hiking in the dark. It was a cold morning and the oatmeal that I scarfed down was not sitting very well in my belly.
About half way up the mountain my stomach had settled and I was good to go. As you can see it was a very steep hike.
There is one part of the hike called "chicken out ridge" that was quite interesting. Luckily we all made it safely through with no injuries or deaths.
As we approached the final ascent it appeared to be completely vertical which would be tough to do without ropes.
We took a quick break and soaked up the amazing view before continuing to the top.
5,200 feet in elevation gain later and we were at the top. It felt so good and was definitely worth it.
Tallest peak in Idaho. 1 down and 49 to go.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I suppose im ready...

To announce to the blog that yes, I am in fact pregnant, 21 weeks along to be precise. And I do believe I am beginning to "pop" I think the picture below proves my notion. Abe and I went to the doctor yesterday for an ultra-sound, so for those of you who haven't heard we are having... a BOY! which was what we were secretly hoping for.

I have been trying to stay "in shape" throughout the pregnancy, and I think its been helping the baby more than me! his arms are already buffer then mine!... (and his dads ;)

... abe enjoying a nice slice of watermelon ...
Everyone has been telling us when they picture our baby they think of a crazy red head running around ... and I'm cool with him having red hair just as long as he looks like this!

Yellowstone with the Hudz

We had a great time with the Hudson's last week on their trip to drop Andrea off at Rexburg! We spent an entire day at Yellowstone National Park to admire the scenery and buffalo that kept creating road jams. Andrea-marie has started her first semester at BYU-idaho and we are so excited to have her living close by... hopefully the wonderful town of Rexburg doesn't scare her away!

Yellowstone Canyon ... through sunglasses

If you are ever having trouble finding the perfect color combination for
a room (or whatever), its always fun to take some inspiration from nature