Saturday, January 29, 2011


Nolan celebrated his 1st Birthday on Wednesday! I can't believe he is already 1! I took Nolan to the little Children's Museum in town during the day and then made some of his favorite food for dinner... homemade macaroni, jello with strawberries, and green beans. He had a pretty low-key birthday considering all our family is either in WA or ID but thanks to Sype, we were able to 3-way video chat with both Grandparents so they could sing happy birthday wish us and watch him dig into his cake! (technology is awesome!)

When Nolan was born It seems like he did a WHOLE LOT of this...

And even MORE of this...

Although we love our Nolan like crazy, he was a pretty tough baby!  His first 5-6 months consisted of a lot of screaming, spit up, and aimlessly walking around our apartment parking lot to get the man to fall asleep. 
I was always bumbed because I had so many cute outfits to put on him and then I would have to put a giant stained bib over the top because he would spit up ALL DAY LONG!  
We went through a good 5-8 bibs a day!  

But now he is pretty much cured of the spit up and does WAY MORE of this....

Here are the highlights of his Big Day!

Nolan's gift from mom & dad

               He wouldn't keep his awesome hat on             We had some technical difficulties with Skype
                so this is one of the best pictures I got!                and Nolan was getting anxious waiting!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a most excellent trip home for the holidays this year!
Nolan was loving all of the people and excitement!!! 
 But now were back at home and he gets to hang with boring mom & dad! 

Also, for those of you familiar with our Nolan, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the trip home just about cured him from his major spit-up problem!  Since the trip home, I haven't even had to put a bib on him (except for meal time of course).  This is a major milestone for us! 

We miss everyone and hope you will all come visit us SOON!

 The best outfit I have ever purchased for Nolan...whats better then a Christmas 1-piece in plaid!?!

 Me and my sister Natalie made these for new years...thanks to Crystal for the Hello Cupcake books!

 I made this also, not as good looking as the cupcakes but I must admit it was super yummy!

Thanks to Nadia and the awesome Whale Tub gift, Nolan has developed a fear of bathing in large tubs, so the majority of the trip we just filled up the kitchen sink (although he is getting a little large for it).